Junior Coaching

Tennis Coaching for Children and Young People

Opportunities for all ages and experience levels

A friendly, well-structured group coaching programme involving around 250 children attending each week. Sessions are available for children aged 3 years old and upwards, and are specifically tailored according to age and experience. The programme is designed to allow each child to progress at their own pace, with sessions available 6 days per week. The children have a wonderful time during the sessions, getting active, developing their skills and making friends all at the same time! The café also provides a comfortable environment for parents to watch, or to catch up with their work (or even a few pages of their book)!

Although the programme involves mostly group coaching sessions, every participant is treated individually, and we ensure that their progress is monitored.

Before committing to a course, all new participants are offered a free coaching taster session of an appropriate group. If this session is not quite right, we will often suggest an alternative trial, and you will not pay anything until we have found the correct group for your child!

Junior Coaching

Tots' Coaching is available for children aged 3-5. Groups last 45 minutes - 1 hour and focus on movement, ball skills, basic coordination and racquet skills development. Sessions are led by a coach, but parents are often offered the chance to join in! Children are encouraged to gain confidence, start to rally with a coach, and even learn to play against other tots!

Junior Coaching

Mini Tennis Coaching is divided into various levels of Red (aged 4-8), Orange (9 & under) and Green (10 & under), predominantly according to age, but also dependent on experience. Sessions are designed to teach children how to rally, initially with the coach, but ultimately with other children. Our games-based approach means that we generally do not have long queues of children, and that participants stay active throughout the session. Sessions are well spaced out, meaning that generally only each court will have only 4 children, and therefore allowing them space to play. They learn to play points and experience tactical teaching as well as technical. Where required, we use tennis assistants to provide extra support to the children.

Junior Coaching

Real Ball sessions are offered for young people aged 11-17, teaching more advanced skills and helping them to develop a life-long love for the game. Many sessions have a strong social element, and the focus is on keeping the young people active and healthy, as well as developing their tennis skills. Sessions will have elements of technical and tactical coaching, and well as informal competitive opportunities. As players develop their skills, and eventually become older teenagers, they are then encouraged to graduate into our club activities and / or the adult coaching programme

Junior Coaching

All of our coaching groups are divided further according to age and experience level, and there will often be more than one option available on different days of the week.

An overview of available groups can be seen in our Weekly Schedule.

Coaching Costs

Coaching groups run on a course basis, payable half-termly in advance. Don't forget, every new child is welcome to attend a free trial of a suitable session!

Individual Coaching

We have a variety of coaches offering one-to-one lessons for half-an-hour, 45-minutes or 1 hour.

We can match the appropriate coach to the participant, availability permitting, e.g. a complete beginner may only need a young Level 2 coach, whereas somebody looking to play competitively may be looking for more expertise. The cost of individual coaching varies according to experience. We can also offer "hitting partners" for children and adults looking to develop by working with experienced players, rather than coaches.

In our experience, individual coaching works fantastically alongside group coaching, allowing the participant to develop their technical understanding on a one-to-one basis, whilst also improving their tactical knowledge and matchplay via the group coaching sessions.

If you would like to enquire about coaching, please email tottonandeling@servingtennis.net or give us a call on 023 8066 7532. Please include a contact number in your email if possible.

Adult Coaching