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Honorary Consul to the Federal Republic of Germany

Consular District - Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset & Wiltshire

The Managing Director of Serving Tennis and the Totton & Eling Tennis Centre, Richard Cutler, is proud to also perform the role of "Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany". This position involves representing the German Embassy (London) in matters for residents of Hampshire & IOW, Wiltshire & Dorset, as well as neighbouring border areas.

The Federal Republic of Germany relies on a network of as many as 361 Honorary Consuls worldwide, 18 of whom serve in the United Kingdom. Honorary Consuls are volunteers who do not necessarily have to be German citizens. They do not receive a salary for their services, but are committed to supporting and complementing the work of the German Embassy in London.

Main areas of responsibility include:

The main services that are offered at the Honorary Consul office include:

Passport applications can be accepted by the Honorary Consul, assuming that the applicant officially holds German citizenship. Further information about passport applications is available here. Appointments take up to 1 hour and passports are returned directly to the applicant in around 6 weeks (around 3 weeks if the Express service is chosen).

Appointments are available on Fridays, and can be booked at your convenience. There are usually "emergency" appointments available each week.

The office of the Honorary Consul is open 7 days per week to receive enquiries, however, Richard may not be able to respond immediately.

To book an appointment, or for further advice, please call 023 8066 7532, or email southampton@hk-diplo.de

History of the Honorary Consul Role in Southampton

Richard Cutler was appointed to succeed Roger Thornton in November 2012, Roger having served the German Embassy for just over 36 years. At the time of his retirement, Roger was the longest serving Honorary Consul for Germany (out of about 450) in the world. Roger succeeded Mr Edward Alderson as Honorary Consul on 22nd September 1976, and went on to receive the insignia/medal Order of Merit in 1991 and the insignia/medal Officers Cross of the Order of Merit 1st Class in 2001.

Mr Alderson had been appointed Honorary Consul in 1951 when the Company Wainwright Bros & Co Ltd (Family Company of Shipping Agents founded 1889) was based at 20 Queens Terrace (Third Floor). The link with Germany came about from the fact that Wainwright Bros were appointed to act as Port Agents by a good number of German Shipowners. Mr Alderson was Honorary Consul for 25 years and received the Order of Merit 1st Class from the Federal of Republic of Germany Government, then resident in Bonn, for his services.

Wainwright Bros & Co Ltd moved offices on 20th May 1974 to Bowling Green House, and in 1978 Bonn changed the consular shield of all Honorary Consuls, the original showing "Konsulat" whereas the replacement reflected the personal title "Honorarkonsul".

Whilst there does not appear to be any record of an honorary consul before the Second World War, there was a Vice Consul who served in Southampton from 1868 until 1902, Mr Francis Keller, with a subsequent link to Keller Bryant Shipping Agents who still exist in London. He was apparently awarded "Knight of the Prussian Crown Order" in 1887 and later "Knight of the Order of the Red Eagle".

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