Adult Leagues

Box Leagues

A great chance to play regular competitive, but friendly matches

Box leagues represent a fantastic opportunity to meet other players of a similar ability, and to test and improve your skills in that environment. Leagues also provide a hassle-free way of accessing tennis matches without needing to find people to play with!

The Totton & Eling Tennis Centre currently offers a number of sociable, competitive leagues for adults including:

Leagues are open to all members who feel confident enough to play regular matches, and are available free-of-charge as part of the annual subscription. Different divisions cater for various levels of experience, and we have seen lots of people gain experience and improve dramatically from playing regularly.

Players are allocated to leagues on a 2-monthly basis, and are asked to arrange matches themselves. Contact details are sent out by email, and at the end of each period, there is promotion and relegation.

Assuming that they have reached a confident level of play, juniors are welcome to play in the leagues, and usually do so either in the singles boxes, or by playing with a parent / older sibling in the doubles. Generally, juniors who take part tend to be at least 14 years old, but it depends on the individual case.

Adult Box Leagues