Club Members - Making Friends for Life

A sport for life; making friends for life

A great way to play regularly, stay active, meet other players and access competitive opportunities

The Totton & Eling Tennis Centre is both friendly and welcoming, and is located in a pleasant environment, surrounded by trees and parkland. There is plenty of parking, as well as access to the local green routes for cycling / walking.

Becoming a club member offers fantastic value, and is a great opportunity to meet players of a similar ability, with social and competitive playing opportunities available. Simply by joining our box leagues and / or attending the weekly mix-in, we can match you with players of a similar ability who we are certain you will enjoy playing with. You certainly do not need to know any other players before joining!

A monthly membership subscription offers both great value and flexibility, conferring the following advantages:

  • free use of the courts and floodlights, when playing with other members
  • lots of opportunities to meet other members and access organised opportunities against players of a similar ability
  • online court booking
  • the ability to book courts when you want them, up to 14 days in advance
  • if you are looking to improve, we offer a 10% discount on group coaching for adults and juniors
  • our two free weekly mix-ins (Monday 1:30-3:30pm & Wednesday 6:45-9:15pm) offer a great opportunity to meet other members, and to access regular, organised play
  • if you are looking for players of a similar ability, we can offer regular matches that you can schedule at your convenience in our internal box league competitions
  • play in the local leagues against other clubs
  • free entry into Wimbledon Ticket Ballot (subject to you also becoming a free British Tennis member)
  • "Bring a Guest Sundays" - If you have friends or family visiting, bring them along on Sundays for free!
  • Proportional pay-and-play discount for guests

Membership payment can be made conveniently via monthly direct debit instalments. We offer a variety of different categories, allowing you to tailor your subscription to the package that suits you best:

Membership Fees

Membership Category Monthly Fee
Adult (aged 24 or over) £19
Young Adult (aged 18-23) £14
Junior (17 & Under) £7
Junior (12 & Under) £5
Family Value Package £32
Couple £29
Parent & Child (17 & Under) £22
Parent & Children (17 & Under) £25
Senior (Over 65) £14

Further Membership Information

  • combination memberships - all members must abide at a single address
  • family Value Package constitutes 2 adults and child / children aged 17 & Under
  • for Parent & Child / Children memberships, the child must be aged 17 & Under
  • daytime membership constitutes Monday-Friday 10am-4pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Floodlights and leagues are not included
  • monthly memberships roll monthly, and although they are intended to be for a minimum period of 12 months, we understand that circumstances change. Therefore, we will always be flexible to your needs if you need to cancel
  • "Bring-a-guest" Sundays are intending to allow members to bring occasional visitors, and therefore should not take the place of a combination membership (e.g. Adult and Partner). Although you are welcome to bring guests every week, it should therefore not be the same person regularly. In this instance, we would hope that they would consider joining as well
  • full Terms & Conditions are available here

Further information about Online Court Booking.

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