Children having fun playing tennis

Weekly Schedule of Termtime Activities

Regular Coaching Groups for Children and Adults

Below follows an overview of our regular activities. Please click here for further information about group and individual coaching.


4-5pm Mini Tennis Orange (ages 8-10)
4-5pm Mini Tennis Green (ages 9-11)
5-6pm Mini Tennis Red (ages 5-8)
5-6pm Improvers (ages 10-14)
6-7:30pm Youth / Improvers (ages 12-18)


4-5pm Mini Tennis Red (ages 4-7)
5-6pm Mini Tennis Red (ages 4-7)
6:30pm-7:30pm Adult Beginners
7-8pm Adult Intermediate
8-9pm Adult Improvers


4-5pm Mini Tennis Orange (ages 8-9)
4-5pm Mini Tennis Green (ages 10-11)
5-6pm Mini Tennis Red / Orange (ages 7-9) 5-6pm Mini Tennis Orange / Green (ages 9-11)


4-5pm Mini Tennis Red / Orange (ages 7-9)
4-5pm Mini Tennis Red (ages 4-7)
5-6pm Mini Tennis Orange (ages 8-9)
5-6pm Mini Tennis Green (aged 9-11)
6-7pm Youth / Improvers 7-8pm Adult Intermediate
8-9pm Adult Improvers


4-5pm Mini Tennis Orange / Green (ages 8-10)
5-6pm Youth / Improvers


9-10am Adult Improvers
9-10am Mini Tennis Red (ages 4-5)
9-10am Mini Tennis Red / Orange (ages 6-8)
10-11am Mini Tennis Red - Development (ages 5-8)
10-11am Mini Tennis Red - Tennis (ages 4-6)
11-11:45am Tennis Tots / Parent & Child (aged 3-5)
11am-12pm Improvers (ages 11+)
11am-12pm Mini Tennis Red (aged 4-6) 12-1pm Mini Tennis Orange (ages 9-10)
12-1pm Mini Tennis Green (ages 10-12)

This programme should act as a guide only, as we are constantly adding new groups and updating our schedule. Please do contact us, even if your availability does not coincide with a session above, as there may well be alternative options.

Courses run for the duration of a school half-term, and are payable in full in advance. If there are spaces in the appropriate group, participants are welcome to join partway through a particular course.

If you are interested in joining one of our many groups, or simply want to learn more about what we do, please contact us.

Adult coaching groups