Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Cleaning - Regular Maintenance or One-Off Refurbishment

Utilising our experience of maintaining our own courts to keep others in top condition!

Hampshire-based Serving Tennis is pleased to offer a professional tennis court cleaning and maintenance service to clubs, schools, leisure centres and private court customers. For over a decade we have managed an annual maintenance programme at our own facility, the Totton & Eling Tennis Centre, preventing issues arising with a slippery playing surface and prolonging the life of the paint to over 8 years (25% longer than standard).

Since 2015, we have offered our services externally and have built up a strong customer base, covering clubs, schools and private courts. Our customers include: Alton Tennis Club, Isle of Wight Council, Locks Heath Tennis Club, Perins School, Thornden School / Tennis Club, Warsash Tennis Club, Waterside Tennis Club, Wellow Tennis Club and Wyvern School / Tennis Club.

We are available to perform one-off cleaning jobs, or to design a regular maintenance programme. We also have lots of regular private court customers, who are delighted to have seen a court they had given up hope on returned to full playability!

We do find that once moss and algae have established themselves on a tennis court, it is generally only possible to stop them returning with a regular maintenance programme. To achieve this, initially we would perform a major clean and thereafter, with a programme of regular chemical treatment and scheduled cleaning, we can maintain the quality of the surface throughout the year. If the moss build-up is really bad, we may need to come and perform an initial chemical treatment, usually around 3-4 weeks before performing the clean.

For larger facilities, the "little and often" approach is also something that we offer, whereby we can come and clean small parts of the facility on an ongoing basis. This works particularly well for clubs with multiple courts, often with certain areas that are more prone to moss / algae, or for those where budgets are perhaps tight.

Working with us has the following advantages:

Tennis Court Cleaning

The Cleaning Process

We are able to clean most tarmacadam tennis courts, and our service can be tailored to the individual court / facility. The process includes:


If you would like us to come and see your site and provide you with a quote, please contact us in one of the following ways:

023 8066 7532

Serving Tennis
c/o Totton & Eling Tennis Centre
Aikman Lane
SO40 8FT

We would also be delighted to provide you with a number of referees, or show you the equipment in action at our own facility.

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Tennis Court Cleaning