Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Cleaning - Machine Sales, Training & Ongoing Support

Utilising our own facility maintenance experience to help schools, leisure centres and tennis facilities to keep their own courts in top condition!

Hampshire-based Serving Tennis is pleased to offer a professional sales, advice & support service to clubs, schools & leisure centres, and any customers wishing to maintain their own tarmac tennis courts. We specialise in selling high quality push-along rotary washing equipment, which greatly simplifies the job of cleaning tennis courts, and prolongs the playability of the surface.

Since 2004, we have managed an annual maintenance programme at our own facility, the Totton & Eling Tennis Centre, preventing issues arising with a slippery playing surface and prolonging the life of the paint to over 8 years (25% longer than standard).

As a result of gaining this experience, we began offering our services externally, building up a strong, repeating customer base, covering clubs, schools and private courts. Whilst undergoing this process, it became increasingly obvious that many organisations could be facilitated to maintain the courts themselves, offering medium-term benefits in terms of finances and improved playing surface.

Serving Tennis therefore now offers equipment sales, training & ongoing support, allowing facilities to take full control over their own maintenance programme. Services include:

Tennis Court Cleaning

Why choose a Rotary Cleaning machine?

Machine Features:

The rotary washer can be supplied with a Honda Intelligent Engine, which drops to tick-over every time the water-flow lever is released. As a result, the machine is economical on fuel running with a lower maximum output pressure (2200psi), and consuming a maximum of 21 litres/minute.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Payback Calculation

Once newly-laid tennis courts have been down for 4-5 years, moss and algae can start to take rapid hold. After this point-in-time, tennis courts should be cleaned on average every 12-18 months, depending on position, amount of shade, etc.

The cost of purchasing a rotary machine can be compared to the cost of employing a professional company to clean 8-10 courts. Therefore, an example facility with 4 courts would take only 2-3 years to repay the initial investment, with the machine then lasting many more years into the future.

We have found that facilities with their own equipment tend to clean "little and often", thus improving the long-term playability of the courts. Those who employ cleaning companies tend to wait as long as possible, with significant moss build-up experienced in the meantime! Waiting in this fashion can often accelerate paint loss / surface breakup. The rotary machine can also be used for general site / facility maintenance, cleaning other areas such as car parks, sports tracks, paths & walkways, patios, pavements, roadways and decking. The machine works on any flat, solid surface including: tarmac, concrete, paviours (concrete or clay), rubberised surfaces, wooden boardwalks and childrens' play surfaces. This provides further utilisation for the machinery, thus maximising its value to the facility.

Sample Costs:

As part of the purchase decision, we are happy to work out a payback calculation for each individual organisation, helping you to evaluate whether the purchase / self-maintenance option is viable in the medium-to-long-term.

Tennis Court Cleaning

The Cleaning Process

Please see below for a short video showing the machinery in action.


If you would like to talk about equipment purchase, training or a maintenance plan, we would love to hear from you:

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Tennis Court Cleaning