Tennis Court Cleaning

Examples and Testimonials

Recent customers - some images of the cleaning process in action!

All of the following examples have taken place recently. There is no trickery to the images - we genuinely can offer as dramatic an improvement as suggested by the pictures!

Waterside Tennis Club, Holbury

"This morning has been the first real test of the cleaning, when all of our four courts were in use. The courts were somewhat wet from the intermittent drizzle and we would normally be concerned on two counts – the danger of members slipping and balls getting dirty. All of those who played remarked that they were not at all worried about slipping as they would have previously under such conditions. Also, in recent months, balls picked up a lot of dirt but today, even though they were slightly wet, there was no evidence of this at all. In summary, on a very testing day, we have been delighted with the results."
Club Treasurer

Wellow Tennis Club, near Romsey

Private Court near Wellow

A court that had been effectively abandoned for a number of years, and which was unplayable due to a thick covering of moss. After just over a day, we managed to return the court to relative normality!

"The court is looking fantastic and getting good use too!"
Property Owner

Wyvern School, Fair Oak, Eastleigh

A well-used school / club site with trees and mud banks at the top end

"Thank you so much for all your efforts with the courts, they are looking fantastic"
Community Coordinator

Private Court in the New Forest

A court that had been very well constructed, but needed a little TLC. The colour came up beautifully, and by the end, it almost looked like we had repainted it, rather than simply cleaned it!

"The court has been much admired by all who played on it this weekend"
Property Owner

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